Hello and Good-bye

Hello and Good-bye

Mizán van Zyl was our head of training since 2018. She got an offer from a corporate company and started her new job on 1 November 2021. We are happy about this great opportunity and want to wish her all the best in her future career. She did a great job at the First Aid League and will be missed.

Marina Basson is now our head of training. Welcome, Marina!

Marina’s interests and achievements include the following:
Classical piano, powerlifting, hunting rifles, horseback, karate and defensive driving.
Sounds like someone not to be messed with….

Marina is also a long-time First Aid League member who is familiar with the doings of The League.
Marina, all of us wish you a hearty welcome.

Every happy ‘hello’ is accompanied by a sad ‘good-by’. Almost as the sun rises, then sets in the night sky. You answer your phone with a bright ‘hello’. And it ends with what we all know. You log in to message a curious ‘hey’. But end with – ‘I guess I’ll talk to you another day.’ The saddest thing is that we never want to depart, especially from the ones who we love with all of our hearts.

But with every departure will come a brand new ‘hi’. It’s never actually ‘good-bye’.